IABC celebrates long standing members this Member Month: Ivan Muzychka

Member Month is a time when we celebrate our members—especially those who have shaped our community for so many years.

Ivan Muzychka has been an IABC member for 26 years! Ivan is the Director of Communications and Community Engagement at Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA). IABC Saskatoon Director of Communications Kailey Lavallee interviews this lifelong member and finds out what keeps him returning.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about being an IABC member, Ivan?

A: The best thing about being and IABC member is being able to connect with so many of your peers in the profession. This professional network extends beyond your local area and includes national and international contacts. Over the years I have connected with people on personal and professional levels.

I have contacted IABC members to get advice and to tap into their experience as a sounding board. IABC is a very close-knit group and the friendships that develop within it are strong. The sense of being part of a larger professional community that shares your need to learn more about communications, and to interact with others is very satisfying.

Q: So what is your favourite memory or best experience being an IABC member?

A: There are so many. I recall giving a presentation at the International Conference in New York City some years ago. I recall the audience was such an eclectic range of personalities and backgrounds. The discussion, and questions during and after the presentation, were really quite interesting and provocative. It underlined for me the notion that IABC is truly an international association, and the perspectives are wide ranging, and sometimes unexpected.

Q: Why have you continued to be an IABC member?

A: My communications career and IABC are completely intertwined at this point. I have very dear friends who I have met through IABC, and I continue to keep my skills sharp through IABC professional development opportunities. I can’t imagine not being an IABC member. As I’ve noted above, beyond the business side, IABC is an incredibly fun organization and being a member and tapping into that network is very rewarding on many levels.

Q: How has being an IABC member helped you in your career?

A: If I’ve had any success as a communicator it’s because I am an IABC member. The organization has been the main source of my professional development over the years. The leadership positions I have held with IABC have similarly supported my development as a manager and leader at work. IABC kept me on track and supported my career progression. I often wonder if I would still be in this profession had I not joined IABC.

Q: What are your tips for new members to make the most out of their membership?

A: Get involved. Paying the fee to join and then not engaging with the organization won’t help you much. Attend the PD sessions and attend the social events. Join the chapter board, go to the international conference (that is an experience unto itself). Your dividend will depend on your investment.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ivan! We hope you enjoyed our interview with Ivan as much as we did. Email Kailey to share your story to be featured in upcoming Member Month spotlights!

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  • March 14, 2019 By iabcsaskatoon