Do you want to grow your career? Are you making a career move? Do you want to set yourself apart as a communication professional? Increase your salary? Want to increase your opportunities for promotion? Then GCCC Certification is for you!

Why become certified?

Professional certification gives highly skilled business communicators the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities. It will help you elevate your career and provides a structure for keeping your skills fresh and applicable.

Earning professional communication certification from the GCCC demonstrates that the certification holder has a deep level of professional communication knowledge and expertise in six key areas: ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement, and consistency.

Here’s what some local business communication professionals have said about why they’re choosing GCCC for their certification.

“The CMP certification is a valuable step in the career of professional communicators. Certification is recognition of your education, knowledge, and professional expertise of the communication practice, helping to give you an advantage in a very competitive market. I highly recommend it!” – Tracy Laschilier, BA, CMP

“It had been about a decade since I finished my masters in communications, so I thought it would be good to refresh and challenge myself. Never stop learning, right?” – Cameron Zimmer, SCMP

What is GCCC certification?

The GCCC certification program is based on the Global Standard for communication professionals set out by IABC. The Global Standard was developed by IABC through research and consultation with the wider profession and states that “communication professionals around the world embrace a shared career purpose and six core principles as the building blocks of their work.” Those principles are: ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement, and consistency.

What are the levels of certification?

Communication Management Professional (CMP) — For generalist, specialist and other business communicators established in their careers as managers and looking to demonstrate their competence. You must demonstrate Eight years of experience and 40 hours of training OR Six years of experience, two years of education, and 40 hours of training

Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) — For highly skilled business communicators practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counseling to an organization’s leadership. You must Eleven years of experience and 20 hours of training AND Provide a letter of recommendation from mentees or an organization for which the candidate has done pro bono work addressing senior level contributions to communications

For detailed information on the CMP or SCMP certification program, please see the Candidate Handbook.

How do I apply for certification?

You must apply, take an exam, pay your fees, and commit to continuing professional development.

Applications for CMP and SCMP certification can be found on the GCCC website at

Once your application has been verified and accepted by the GCCC, you will be notified within 30 days whether you are approved to sit for the exam. If you are eligible to sit for the exam, you will have two years from the date of your application approval to pass the exam for that level.

What is the exam like?

The CMP and SCMP exams last three hours and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions based on a practice analysis that identified the domains of practice, tasks performed, and the knowledge required for effective performance as a communication professional.

Maintaining your certification

Certification is a commitment to keep up to date with current practice and to contribute to the body of knowledge and the development of other professionals. You must maintain your certification through continuing professional development and an annual fee.

Certified communicators in Saskatchewan

Congratulations to the following certified communicators located in Saskatchewan:

  • Alison Barton, CMP
  • Alyson Edwards, SCMP
  • Ben Borne, CMP
  • Cameron Zimmer, SCMP
  • Carey Boyarski, SCMP
  • Darby Semeniuk, CMP
  • Diane Ell, CMP
  • Heather Johnson, CMP
  • Janelle Cannon, CMP
  • Jonathan Tremblay, CMP
  • Kelly Brossart, SCMP
  • Kieran Stuart Kobitz, CMP
  • Krystal Rudyk, CMP
  • Lana Haight, CMP
  • Megan Wolfinger, CMP
  • Melody Lynch, CMP
  • Natosha Lipinski, CMP
  • Peter Flengeris, SCMP
  • Regan Halbert, CMP
  • Tanya Turner, CMP
  • Tracy Laschilier, CMP
  • Tricia Zinkowski, CMP
  • Trudy Bosch, CMP
  • Veronique Loewen, CMP

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