IABC celebrates Strategic Communications Management Professional Alyson Edwards

In anticipation of IABC Saskatoon’s upcoming GCCC® Certification Exam in May, we wanted to hear from a few locals who recently received their SCMP designation. Today we’ll hear about Alyson Edwards’ experience in getting certified and her tips for communicators who are applying.

Q: What’s your story? 

A: I am the Director of Public Affairs for the Saskatoon Police Service. I am in my 20th year in public and media relations, with 14 of those spent in law enforcement. Prior to that, I spent almost a decade in broadcast journalism. I have a team of five who work with both Public Affairs and Saskatoon Crime Stoppers. We look after everything from corporate communications to marketing and brand engagement, to public education. The majority of our time however, is spent on media relations (both social and traditional) and issues management. I am incredibly proud of the creative and innovative work our team is responsible for. You may recall our Law Enforcement Lip Sync’ Video. Our rendition of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys became a hit last summer!

I was fortunate enough to have officially joined our Service senior leadership team in 2012 and am so pleased to have helped our Service become one of the most highly reputed and innovative law enforcement agencies in Canada.

Q: Why did you want to get your SCMP?

A: I am a big believer in stopping to take stock at certain points in my career – to celebrate the successes and review the lessons learned from mistakes made. It made sense at that point, to make the SCMP certification part of the process.

Q: What was involved with getting your SCMP?

A: I found the process of getting my SCMP to be challenging and rewarding. It allowed me to identify areas of leadership in communications where a shift in focus was necessary. It was also an opportunity to reaffirm the approaches we take that really work. The SCMP process was also beneficial for allowing me time focused on communications outside of my industry. I was able to step away from policy and practices that can be very specific, to take a larger view from a purely communications standpoint.

Q: What tips do you have for others considering SCMP?

A: I would recommend SCMP to anyone in a senior communications role who enjoys a reassessment of their approach to communications, and the rewards that come from taking part in that process.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the communication profession?

A: I have had the opportunity to experience many aspects of a career in communications. I would have to say that the high-stakes of crisis communications remains my favourite. Of course, the field I work in lends itself to that, but it continues to be the high point.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Alyson! We hope you enjoyed our interview with Alyson as much as we did. Email communications.iabcyxe@gmail.com to share your GCCC Certification story!

  • May 2, 2019 By iabcsaskatoon