IABC celebrates new Communications Management Professional designates: Veronique Loewen and Lana Haight

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Saskatoon chapter celebrates two new Communication Management Professional designates in Saskatoon.

Veronique Loewen and Lana Haight received the International Association of Business Communicator’s Communication Management Professional (CMP) designation. Chapter Vice President Ben Borne acknowledges and celebrates their accomplishments.

“I’m proud of Veronique and Lana,” Borne says. “These two communication professionals clearly demonstrate they own the knowledge and skills to serve any organization as competent, ethical, and strategic communicators.”

Dan Gold, IABC Saskatoon President, says demonstrating best practices in ethical and professional standards is central for IABC members.

“Members like Lana and Veronique are bound to the IABC Code of Ethics. This code serves as a guide for all business communicators part of the association,” Gold says. “This means when you hire an IABC member or someone with a CMP designation – you know you’re hiring a principled, quality candidate.”

IABC chapter leaders are excited about the road ahead as the organization enters its 35th year of operation.

“We have a shiny new CMP designation and we’re more than a hundred members strong from businesses across the Saskatoon region,” Borne says. “It’s time for us to celebrate IABC Saskatoon and to promote the vital role communicators play in the heart of every organization.”

  • August 7, 2017 By iabcsaskatoon