IABC Career Assessment a good check in

by Katie Brickman-Young

When I switched from journalism to communications eight years ago, I had a lot to learn about my new profession.

From understanding how to build a communication plan to key messages and tactics as well as outcomes and measurements, the learning curve was steep, but IABC taught me new skills and helped me become a better practitioner.

The learning never ends as a professional communicator, as trends change and companies grow, transition, and evolve to the needs of the employees and communities around them.

I have continued to use IABC as an educational place for learning and connecting with other communicators – continuing to be a sponge to those who are more advanced and helping those who are starting out in their careers.

Recently, IABC launched the free Career Assessment tool, which allows communicators from rookie to veteran a chance to view their progression in the field.

Taking the 10-minute assessment provides you with an evaluation of your current milestone and helps you discover areas of professional strength and suggest ways to continue your career development.

There are four career milestones on the Career Roadmap that communication professionals can find themselves after the assessment – Foundation, Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, and Business Leader.

At the end, you are given a personal 12-page breakdown of which milestone you are currently at in your career.

According to their website, the IABC Career Assessment is based on the Global Standard for the Communication Profession and will assist you in positioning yourself on the IABC Career Roadmap based on what you know and what you can do according to the six Principles of the Global Standard for the Communication Profession.

Based on my years of experience and going through the questionnaire, I had an idea of where I would place on the Career Roadmap. The piece I found most useful was seeing what my next career milestone could be and my areas for development.

Now, I have a list of competencies to build, and I can do that by using other IABC resources, like the IABC Academy to find specific ways to work on those skills to better myself in my current role or reach my next career level.

I can also expand my skills by getting my Global Communication Certificate Council certification as a Communication Management Professional (CMP) or Strategic Communication Management (SCMP), a professional development goal I have for myself to elevate my career and keep my skills fresh and applicable.

Grow your career by taking the Career Assessment and tap into your own development this year.

  • January 22, 2022 By iabcsaskatoon